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Amore e passione per L’Olio di Oliva dal 1895

An ancient tradition and our high quality productions are evolved in the unique EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL DOP VENETO.

The cultivation of olives, thanks to the favorable climate of the hills and the Garda area, has a tradition that has lasted for centuries, from which come products that are appreciated from many and many lovers of italian extra virgin olive oil.

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Constituted in 1895 by founders: RE_gina and isi_DORO from which the name REDORO is derived. The Company of handicraft character is linked to tradition, but adapts dynamically to market developments. The passion and secrets to produce REDORO 100% Italian extra-virgin olive oil have been handed down from father to son for over 100 years, marking in the mid ’90s, the switch from local production firm to a national and international company, that brings in every kitchen and on every table worldwide, the passion, the taste and the quality of REDORO’s experience.

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