Extra Virgin Olive Oil Perlarol by Redoro Frantoi Veneti


Italian EVO

“Perlarol” is a particularly tasty oil with a sweet and full aroma and a taste of fruit and almond.
It has an intense green color with golden reflections.

Obtained with the cold extraction method of olives of particular quality,  the “Perlarol” quality of extra virgin olive oil is a healthy food rich in precious trace elements for our cells.

These beneficial properties are typical of the oil obtained in the scrupulous respect of correct cultivation systems, of an accurate milling of the olives, of its packaging and conservation.

To be kept at a temperature of 13 ° -15 ° and serve with dishes such as “Tagliata Rucola e Grana” or a good boiled with steamed vegetables. Also excellent for finishing first courses.

Package 6 pz

Type of container Bottle da

Unit price 8 €

Box size 30.5 × 25 × 35.5 cm

Box weight 7 kg


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