Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Integrale" Quality - Bottle of 0,5 Liters
Olio extravergine integrale 0,5Lt
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Extra virgin olive oil “Integrale”, born from olives harvested slightly in advance giving a slightly more sour taste to the excellent olive oil. No filtered.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil maintains all the characteristics of the freshly made oil. Strong taste, although maintaining the delicacy of fine oils produced with excellent quality olives; great for seasoning raw vegetables, boiled dishes but also pasta dishes that need to enhance the flavor.

Package 6 pz

Type of container Bottle da 0.500

Unit price 6.50 €

Box size 32.5 × 24.5 × 25 cm

Box weight 8 kg

1 review for Extra Virgin Olive Oil INTEGRALE

  1. Hc holmberg

    Perfect. Taste
    Unique product

    • Redoro Frantoi Veneti

      Thank you very much for your preference!

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