Redoro Frantoi Veneti Product range

Extra-virgin olive oil PDO

Garda PDO and Veneto Valpolicella PDO
The Controlled Designation of Origin guarantees a supreme product which meets strict requirements.

ADVICES FOR USE: Ideal with barley soups, white grilled meats, boiled lake fish and oven-baked fish.   [visit the store]

Bio extra-virgin olive oil

Produced on hilly areas, it is particularly delicate, retaining the intensity of a deliciously fruity flavour.

ADVICES FOR USE: Ideal with steam vegetables and light and healthy dishes.   [visit the store]

Integrale extra-virgin olive oil

An extra-virgin olive-oil obtained from the early harvest of olives, fragrant, with a sweet and full bodied flavour.

ADVICES FOR USE: Ideal with beef tagliata, roasts and red meats. [visit the store]

Tradizionale extra-virgin olive oil

Produced according to traditional processes, through the cold pressing of nostrane olives.

ADVICES FOR USE:Ideal with mixed green salads and fresh vegetables. [visit the store]

The Specialities in extra-virgin olive oil

Aromatised infusions, creams made with natural olives, grilled vegetables: produced using extra-virgin olive oil and prepared according to the Mediterranean tradition.

ADVICES FOR USE: Ideal as appetisers, side dishes and with aperitifs and home-style toasts.   [visit the store]