Territories of the olive oil

Company REDORO is located in Grezzana, in the heart of Valpantena, north of Verona: the secret of the success of Frantoi Redoro lies in the presence of mills, which are extremely close to the production core: one is located in Grezzana, where the Company features its headquarters, another mill is located in Mezzane and one near Lake Garda, where Oliva Garda Extra-virgin Olive Oil PDO is exclusively produced.

The oil mills work at full capacity in the three harvest months: October, November and December. Olives coming from nearby valleys are picked, covering a remarkably vast territory that includes seven valleys. Almost one thousand agricultural producers bring their best olives to the mills. The average annual production is of approx. 20/25,000 quintals of olives, distributed in the production mills. The oil-making process is rigorously checked by qualified staff that carefully monitors every work stage, grinding exclusively prime and healthy olives able to produce the excellent products of Frantoi Redoro.