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Gifts for you

Redoro Frantoi Veneti rewards your loyalty! You will receive a loyalty point to every Euro that you spend through our website.

Reaching certain accumulation thresholds will give you the opportunity to immediately receive a discount on the purchase!

Below is the table with the stages of the collection and the related discounts:

  • 500 points: € 10 discount
  • 750 points: € 15 discount
  • 1000 points: € 20 discount
  • 1500 points: € 30 discount
  • 2000 points: € 40 discount
  • 2500 points: € 50 discount
  • 3000 points: € 60 discount
  • 3500 points: € 70 discount
  • 4000 points: € 80 discount

Do not miss these beautiful proposals and immediately start discovering which of our products is closest to your tastes and the flavors you prefer. We are sure to be able to satisfy your desire to find and buy genuine products of excellent quality.

With each purchase you accumulate points and you will get close to a discount that we will give you to reward your trust and to thank you for having your preference.