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Life lesson: we could all learn from “the toil of olive oil”


The toil of olive oil

Maybe in my first life I lived in Italy? Or was it Greece? Could’ve been Spain…

Who knows?! All I do know is my taste buds are from the Mediterranean.

I love me some fresh vegetables (especially tomatoes), wine (especially red), seafood, bread, wine, basil, cheese, all the vegetables and did I mention wine???

Oh and of course olive oil.

These are some of the magic words about us of Robbie Ann Darby on your article for Redoro Frantoi Veneti.


Our experience about Olive oil tasting

It was a great experience for us too! We Have been so excited to have shared our passion for one of the most famous italian product in the world. We cultivate our olives with love since 1895. Thank you very much to have felt it!

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